Important Dates:

Workshop applications close:
13 Feb 2022

Workshop Notification:
3 March 2022

Abstracts submissions close:
21 March 2022

Abstract Notification:
20 April 2022

Early bird closing date:
27 May 2022

A Few Words

on behalf of the Organising Committee

Dumelang Bagaetsho, Molweni Mawethu, Sanibonani Bakwethu, Warm Greetings, Goeiedag!

It is an absolute honour to invite you all to the 2022 SAAHE Conference. We envisioned that the theme of this conference, Healing Higher Education, remains extremely relevant not only  two years of the most challenging  pandemic, but also during a time in modern world history, where embracing quality relationships and a willingness to connect with others, matters more than ever before. The theme Healing Higher Education focuses on how we build and maintain relationships; vhushaka /kamano mo tirong, relationships of trust, respect and mutual empowerment, how we open our hearts and minds to difference, how we address the challenges related to structural imbalances in the education and health care systems, in our institutions and society, how we use our voice and how we demonstrate responsiveness, whether it be widening access, developing humility or advocating for improved practice and better services. The organising committee welcomes your research presentations, workshops, fire-side contributions and other engagements to open new dimensions for health professions education, which heals and impacts positively on an imperfect world ripe for solutions.

A re dirisaneng mmogo!  Let’s all work together to heal higher education.

Gerda Botha
Chairperson, Organising Committee